How to Transform Your Home with a Painting Project

One renovation project that can transform your home using simple implements such as paint and a brush — is a home repainting project. Because walls and ceilings cover large expanses, whatever hues and shades you cover them with will greatly impact the decor. You can even transform the seeming size and proportions of the rooms. Make Rooms Appear Bigger  The right paint colour can make a small room feel larger. Pale hues reflect light. [Read More]

Are Water-Based Paints The Best Alternative for Your Commercial Space?

Painting a commercial space is elemental for enhancing the aesthetic value of your business space. It helps you create a unique ambience that customers and other stakeholders can associate with your business brand. While paint may be a simple finishing you use on your walls and fittings, it says a lot about your business and the thoughts you put into your processes. You need to make the right choice for the paint you use in your commercial space. [Read More]

2 Common Paint Problems that Prove Your Office Needs Repainting

When running a busy business, it is not unusual to overlook little pieces of wear and tear in your office space. However, when wear and tear are left unattended for too long, then it becomes a more complex or expensive problem to fix. As the owner of a small business, you have noticed that the paint on the office walls has seen better days, but which paint problems need addressing now, and which can wait? [Read More]

Should You Paint Pedestrian Crossing Lines on Your Office Car Park?

While you may have had basic car park lines painted on to your office's car park to mark out parking spaces, you may not have added any other line markings to the area. However, adding other demarcation lines, like pedestrian crossing lines, may be useful. How can you work out if your car park needs these lines? Do a Pedestrian Walk-through If people have to walk through your car park to get to your building, then they may have problems negotiating their way safely through the car park's traffic. [Read More]