Are Water-Based Paints The Best Alternative for Your Commercial Space?

Painting a commercial space is elemental for enhancing the aesthetic value of your business space. It helps you create a unique ambience that customers and other stakeholders can associate with your business brand. While paint may be a simple finishing you use on your walls and fittings, it says a lot about your business and the thoughts you put into your processes. You need to make the right choice for the paint you use in your commercial space. Here is a discussion about water-based paints to help you understand why they are a good option for your business:

Water-Based Paints Have No VOCs

Paints come with solvents to ease the process of application and ensure that they hold on firmly on the surface you are applying. Ordinary paints have volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that serve as the solvent. The volatile organic compounds evaporate readily into the environment as the paint dries, and the sad part is that these compounds contribute to air pollution. Non-water based paints have small quantities of VOCs, meaning they still contribute to a small percentage of air pollution. Don't let your business fall into this category. Instead, opt for water-based paints that use water as a solvent. Pollutants will not find their way into the environment with this kind of paint.

Water-Based Paint Versus Safety Approval

When you think of commercial space, consistent human traffic comes to mind. And when you have many people visiting your space every day, it's your duty to keep them safe. Safety starts with the materials you use to build, finish and decorate your commercial space. Paint is certainly one of them. Using paints with volatile organic compounds elevates the risk of fueling a fire whenever there is an accidental breakout. The volatile compounds are highly flammable and hasten the spread of fire. Examples include xylene, ethanol and butyl. They complicate the process of making your space fire retardant and acquiring occupancy approvals. On the other contrary, water is naturally fire retardant and does not fuel fire during emergencies. Using, water-based paints makes your space safer and easily eligible for safety approvals.

Water-Based Paints and Functionality

Water-based paints boast of good quality adhesion to a range of surfaces. Additionally, this type of paint has excellent retention of colour and stands up well against fading and chalking. You also enjoy smooth application with minimal brush drag, a quality that comes in handy for do-it-yourself projects. Lastly, water-based paints dry fast and have virtually no odour. Your space will be ready for use within a couple of hours after application.  

For more information and tips, reach out to a commercial painting company near you.