The effect of room colour on your mood

Have you ever set foot in a room and straight away felt a particular emotion? Did you wonder why that occurred? Good question. A lot of things can arouse your mood including photos, room decor or floor design. However, at the center of it is the colour design of your interior walls. You've probably heard common phrases such as, 'I'm green with envy', or I'm fairly blue'. Prudent homeowners understand this, and that's why strategic planning is crucial before the first stroke of the painter's brush in any interior painting job. [Read More]

Not Just the Look: Roof Maintenance

There are so many demands on a household budget that it can be difficult to prioritise one thing over another.  When there are several repairs waiting to be done, bills to pay and a whole host of improvement works required, you might not always know where to start.  However, one suggestion would be to start at the top, not the bottom.  Making sure the roof of your home is well-maintained should be at the top of your list for several reasons. [Read More]

Peeling Paint Prevention: Three Tips For Creating The Perfect Painted Finish

While you are stuck inside for the winter you should use this time wisely to tackle some of those outstanding chores that didn't get done over the summer. Interior painting is one task that lends itself nicely to this time of year, but as a novice painter you may not know that bad preparation and planning could mean you'll be doing a repaint a whole lot earlier than you expected. Taking note of these three tips will make sure you get it right the first time, and that perfect painted finishes are in your immediate future. [Read More]