How to Decorate a Meditation or Relaxation Room

Modern life is hectic and stressful, so having a place to truly relax is an increasingly important part of home design. If you have the space, dedicating a small room entirely to meditation and quiet reflection is an excellent way to ensure you have the right atmosphere in which to unwind and de-stress. Otherwise, it's good to devote at least an area of a quiet room to this purpose. Whatever the size of your relaxing space, it's important to create the right ambience to experience the full effect. [Read More]

Leave These Painting Jobs and Techniques to the Pros

If you want to paint a room in your house a solid colour without any special finish or design, you might be able to tackle this job on your own. However, if you want to try a painting technique to dress up the paint and the look of the room, note why it's best to leave these, and some other types of painting, to the pros and why it's good to avoid trying to do these on your own. [Read More]

Painting Techniques to Add Interest to Bedroom Walls

The colour you put on your home's bedroom walls is very important, as a bright wall colour can be very energizing, which you usually want to avoid in a bedroom. A softer and darker colour can actually help to relax you, which is good in a bedroom. However, if you want to add even more visual interest in the bedroom, you might consider some painting techniques, beyond the colour itself. Note a few of those here so you know your bedroom walls don't wind up being boring and bland. [Read More]

The effect of room colour on your mood

Have you ever set foot in a room and straight away felt a particular emotion? Did you wonder why that occurred? Good question. A lot of things can arouse your mood including photos, room decor or floor design. However, at the center of it is the colour design of your interior walls. You've probably heard common phrases such as, 'I'm green with envy', or I'm fairly blue'. Prudent homeowners understand this, and that's why strategic planning is crucial before the first stroke of the painter's brush in any interior painting job. [Read More]