How to Transform Your Home with a Painting Project

One renovation project that can transform your home using simple implements such as paint and a brush — is a home repainting project. Because walls and ceilings cover large expanses, whatever hues and shades you cover them with will greatly impact the decor. You can even transform the seeming size and proportions of the rooms.

Make Rooms Appear Bigger 

The right paint colour can make a small room feel larger. Pale hues reflect light. Thus, painting a compact room in pastel blue, green or beige, for instance, will make it feel brighter and more spacious. Stick to cool pastels rather than warm tones like yellow and orange, as cool colours recede and give the impression that the walls are further away. Warmer colours will visually draw them closer instead. 

Also, keep transitions between the wall and ceiling subtle, don't create strong contrasts. If the walls are pastel-toned, then a white ceiling or one several shades lighter than the walls will smoothly blend the two surfaces. In a small room, aim to make the walls unnoticeable and don't draw attention to them, as doing so will make people more aware of their closeness.

Make Rooms Feel Cozier

While spaciousness is a positive attribute in a home, sometimes large rooms can feel impersonal and cold. Paint can help to make such spaces cozier. Paint the walls in deep or midrange warm shades of red, orange or yellow to visually pull them closer and create a more homey atmosphere. Darker colours absorb light, which helps also. If a big room is brightly-lit, it can more enormous and unfriendly, depending on the decor. Draw attention to the walls with contrasting colours and textures. For example, paint the window trim or a picture rail in a contrasting hue to stand out.

Some ample rooms have high ceilings, which can add to their impersonal feel. Treat the ceiling in such a case similar to the walls. Paint it in a deep colour, for example. If the walls are a mid-tone warm beige, you could create drama with a navy ceiling. Alternatively, you could extend a rich wall hue across the ceiling.

Balance the Proportions of Hallways and Corridors

Your painting contractors can use colour to balance proportions as well. In a narrow hallway, for example, paint the side walls in a pastel hue. And, to bring the end of the corridor closer, paint it a couple of shades darker. This treatment will visually widen and shorten the area, thus balancing it out. In a short hallway, do the reverse. Paint the end wall in a cool shade that is lighter than the sidewalls so it will seem to extend into the distance.

Reach out to a local painting contractor to learn more.