Why Your Business Warehouse Requires a Fresh Coat of Paint

First impressions are everything in business, and every entrepreneur works diligently to ensure that their premises look attractive and presentable. However, this only applies to the rooms that a client can see. When it comes to aesthetics and maintenance, facilities like the warehouse are often neglected. This is unfortunate since a warehouse hosts the business products and materials. It is only fair that you accord it the same treatment as the rest of the business premises. [Read More]

Painting Your Home's Exterior? Read This First!

One of the simplest home improvements you can embark on that boosts the kerb appeal of your property while giving your residence a face-lift is exterior painting. However, the planning may not be as straightforward as you think. There are essential considerations to have in mind that will ensure your painting project goes off without a hitch. Read on to learn how best to prepare for an exterior painting project. Establish your neighbourhood's restrictions [Read More]

How A Professional Paint Job Can Lower Your Commercial Building's Energy Bills

In business, as in most things in life, image is everything, so keeping your business premises looking sharp is a priority for any business owner or commercial operator. To that end, commercial painters are busy repainting shops, warehouses and agricultural buildings across Australia. However, a new coat of paint for your commercial building can do far more than simply make the place look nice -- with carefully chosen paints and a little know-how, your building's new paint job can also lower your business's energy bills in a number of ways. [Read More]

Commercial Painting: How to Prepare Your Office for Professional Painters

There's no better way to upgrade the look and feel of your office space than giving it a fresh coat of paint. As you think about hiring a professional to revamp the interior walls, it is critical to come up with ways of making savings. One of the best ways is by preparing the office in advance so that you can reduce the time and resources required for the project. Read on for some tips on some of the steps you can take to prepare and avoid delays during a repainting project. [Read More]