Not Just the Look: Roof Maintenance

There are so many demands on a household budget that it can be difficult to prioritise one thing over another.  When there are several repairs waiting to be done, bills to pay and a whole host of improvement works required, you might not always know where to start.  However, one suggestion would be to start at the top, not the bottom.  Making sure the roof of your home is well-maintained should be at the top of your list for several reasons.

Why Is It Important?

Of course, there's the obvious reason—that if there's anything seriously wrong with your roof, it could cause serious structural damage to your home. It's not just caving in; even a leak in your roof could be allowing damp and mould to grow inside your home.  These can be difficult problems to fix. Equally, however, your roof may be allowing the cooling effect of your air conditioning to escape—or your heating, in the colder months.

What Should I Check For?

If tiled, then your roof should not have gaps or broken slates.  The paint job should be well-maintained.  These are the easy things to spot, but if you really want to be certain that your roof is in good condition, you should hire an expert to check.  They will be able to advise you of any less obvious problems that need to be addressed.

Does Paint Matter?

It may be tempting to let your roof's paint job lapse.  Sure, it might be peeling, but if it only looks a little old, then what is the harm?  In truth, however, it's not just the aesthetics of your home that are affected.  In fact, an incomplete roof paint job could mean that your roof isn't waterproofed.  Equally, you could be saving money on your energy bills by having a special heat-reflective paint applied to the roof.  This will prevent energy from being wasted by your air con system; as heat is reflected away from your home, the air con doesn't need to work as hard to keep your home at a pleasant temperature.

For all these reasons, you should feel confident in prioritising roof care over other home improvements.  Luckily, painters—in addition to the paint itself—aren't prohibitively expensive, so it won't even take a huge chunk out of your budget.  If it needs re-tiling, that may be a little more costly—but certainly worth it in the long run.