The effect of room colour on your mood

Have you ever set foot in a room and straight away felt a particular emotion? Did you wonder why that occurred? Good question. A lot of things can arouse your mood including photos, room decor or floor design. However, at the center of it is the colour design of your interior walls. You've probably heard common phrases such as, 'I'm green with envy', or I'm fairly blue'. Prudent homeowners understand this, and that's why strategic planning is crucial before the first stroke of the painter's brush in any interior painting job. With the help of a professional painter, homeowners can pick a colour tone that captures their individuality. Read on for more insight.


Have you ever wondered why majority of business people often put on blue suits, shirts or ties? Blue is often associated with business, productivity and motivation. This is a good colour choice for your business and home office. Additionally, blue is attributable for slowing down respiration and heart rate, and that's why it's also recommended for bathrooms and bedrooms.


Green is associated with tranquility, meditation and sleep. It is said to help people relax by relieving stress. As such, it bodes well as your choice of colour for your bedroom. Additionally, green is also linked with health and fitness.  


Pink depicts a sense of calmness and peace. Homeowners with young girls can paint the bedrooms of their daughters with pink.


Liveliness and happiness are associated with yellow. So, which room is perfect for yellow paint? You guessed right—it's the kitchen. Generally, the kitchen experiences a bee-hive of activity, and yellow helps to energize and uplift the mood around the kitchen. In entries, halls and confined spaces, yellow can evoke a sense of spaciousness.  


Red is quite an intense colour and often raises the energy level in a room. In fact, it pumps the adrenaline unlike any other hue. If you wish to stir up excitement in a room, then red should be your choice. In the dining room or living room, red assembles people together and encourages conversation. In a doorway, it creates a good first impression.


Orange elicits enthusiasm and excitement and is an active colour. Although it's not well suited for bedrooms or for living rooms, orange is suited for exercise rooms. So if you have a gym inside your house, you can paint it orange. It will help arouse all the emotions that you need during your workout.

When selecting paint colour for your interiors, work with a professional painter.